HTML-cleaner — html clean service

HTML Cleaner is a service for cleaning html tags from «trash» that remains in the document after saving the page in html format from MS Word.


The code is cleaned by iterating of entered symbols line from which a new one is formed containing «clean» code. The plugin removes absolutely everything from tags, including html5 tags. It puts the slash to unpaired tags. Empty tags are removed, for example the construct <p></p> will be deleted because it contains nothing.

How does html clean service works?

There are two ways:

  • Select the data from MS Word document that you want to clean up of trash. To select everything press Ctrl + A / Cmnd + A(for mac). Paste the copied text in the field below (the «Insert MS Office data» tab should be selected), click the «Finish» button.
  • Before the code optimizing select «Save As …» in Word then specify the File Type «Web Page with Filter», then open the saved file in a text editor. Copy the code and paste it into the field below. «Paste HTML» tab should be selected. Click Finish.

As a result, you will get pure html code.

The following attributes remain intact:

colspan, rowspan, href, src, type, value, lang, tabindex, title, code, alt, target, dir, span, action, method, style

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